The Most Beautiful Bay in Datça: Kızılbük Bay

Kızılbük Datça

Today, I’d like to talk about Datça, one of Turkey’s untouched areas, offering vacationers the purest experiences. We’ll be spending a wonderful day in Datça’s Kızılbük Bay.

Kızılbük Bay in Datça After a brief preparation in our wonderful hotel in the center of Datça, we head towards Mesudiye. After driving a few kilometers on the Knidos road, we take a detour to Mesudiye Village. After a total journey of 16 Km, we find ourselves in Mesudiye Village.

From the moment we get out of the car and start preparing our cameras, the tranquilizing scent of nature fills our noses. The smell of organically grown vegetables in the nearby garden mingles with the distant smell of the sea, greeting us. It’s impossible not to think that this is what peace feels like. Far from the loud music of luxury hotels, this magnificent village only resonates with the rustle of the slight wind and bird sounds.

After taking a few pictures, we continue towards Kızılbük Bay without wasting our limited time. After about a 2 km journey, we find ourselves on a unique beach where we can easily see the depth of the sea for meters. This bay is Kızılbük Bay.

After a total journey of 18 Km, we and all our friends enter a photo-taking competition in this unique paradise. It was as if there was a big prize for the best photo. But everyone in our group was right; we have been traveling in far-off cities and on beaches for a long time, and this was something we missed. If you’re passing through Datça, make sure to check out our Datça Places to Visit list.

There’s no smoke, no fog, no exhaust fumes, no horn sounds, no traffic struggles here. Only peace, nature, and a wonderful sea exist here. I can’t help but think one should retire and settle down here. After a few minutes of enjoying the sea, we start dismantling our camera gear.

Kızılbük Bay The beach is slightly pebbly, but not to a discomforting degree. The sea doesn’t get deep just a few steps in, but it also can’t be said to be very shallow. Those expecting luxury should not come, there’s not even a hint of “luxury” here. But if you’re a nature enthusiast and want to swim in a pristine sea, listen to the orchestra of bird songs and wave sounds, you should hurry here, even buy the album of this music.

There are accommodation options here like treehouses and bungalows, but if you want to explore all of Datça, consider accommodation in places like Datça center because you’ll travel a longer distance to get to the other side of the peninsula.