Datça Bays and Beaches: A Journey into the Deep Blue 

Gabaklar Plajı

Imagine a journey where the sea is so blue that a thrill of excitement takes hold of you at first acquaintance. Many who have encountered this mesmerising blueness of Datça ask, “How many days should we stay?” My answer is usually at least three days. Because it takes at least this long to fully savor this blue and etch it into your memory.

In Datça, bays are referred to as “bük”. There are many büks and each is as beautiful as the next. Here are some stops I recommend on this captivating route:

Beaches Near the Center

  1. Beaches Near the Center
  2. Journey to Datça’s Enchanting Büks
  3. Secluded Bays Surrounded by Nature

The beaches near the center are usually crowded. Here are a few of them:

Taşlık Beach: Famous for the street leading down to the sea. Right by the harbor and usually crowded.

Taşlık Plajı Datça

Karaincir Beach: One of the rare sandy beaches in Datça and a favorite of families with children. The sea is shallow, waveless, and warm. There are private businesses and hotels along the beach.

Karaincir Plajı

Kargı Bay: One of the most beautiful bays in Datça. The sea is as clear as glass and calm. As it’s rocky here, don’t forget to bring water shoes! You can also find quality small hotels and businesses here.

Kargı Koyu

Journey to Datça’s Enchanting Büks Continue towards Datça’s büks. As you head towards Mesudiye, you’ll encounter 3 büks:


Kızılbük Datça
Kızılbük Datça



All these büks have businesses and restaurants where you can dine.

The most loved is Gabaklar beach.

Gabaklar Plajı
Gabaklar Plajı

Secluded Bays Surrounded by Nature It’s impossible not to be enchanted by the beauty of Palamutbükü, one of the most beautiful and natural bays of Datça. But before you get there, don’t miss the chance to visit the Aquarium/Gerence bay, one of Datça’s most pristine bays. It’s a true paradise. With no businesses and its fantastic sea, it’s ideal for those wanting a peaceful escape.

Palamutbükü is one of the longest bays of Datça facing the Mediterranean. Its sea is clear and deep blue. There are numerous family-run businesses and restaurants side by side. After you come out of the sea, you can directly take your place in a restaurant and enjoy a fresh dinner. Afterwards, you can head to the ancient city of Knidos for the sunset. I’m sure you’ll be enchanted by the magic of the ancient ages while having this unique experience.

I will share more about the bays reached by boat and boat tours in Datça in another post.

In this wonderful route, the unique blue of the sea, the striking beauty of nature, and the enchanting atmosphere of history come together. Whether you’re a family with children, a couple, or in search of an adventure on your own, discovering the beauties of Datça will indeed be an unforgettable experience.

Have you fallen in love with Datça? I know you can’t wait to see it with your own eyes! 😊